shelaine roustio

Shelaine Roustio

I'm a multifaceted creative with a B.A. in Digital Media from the University of Central Florida. I gather inspiration from vibrant color schemes, minimalism, and nature. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, horseback riding, aerial silks, hula-hooping, and crafts of all sorts.

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UCF Sustainability

Web Design / WordPress Custom Theme

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I was employed as a Digital Media Assistant for the UCF Sustainability department and tasked with redesigning the department’s website. Although it was early in my career, this project taught me the most about the development of custom themes for WordPress. The original website was outdated and built with a clunky CMS. My goal was to create something mobile-first, modern, clean, easy to manage, and user-friendly. I worked on this project through all of its stages, from creating wireframes and designing mockups, developing the WordPress theme, and onboarding my team members so they could manage the site as well. I continued programming more specific features and styling into the site, iterating and fine-tuning based on feedback from my supervisor and co-workers.

Most of the features and design decisions I rolled out during my time with UCF Sustainability remain in use, including the quick jump menu seen on many pages throughout the site. This solution was vital to solving how the department wanted to improve accessibility on pages that required scrolling through a lot of information.

In addition to the website, I rebranded the UCF Sustainability Department during my time as a Digital Media Assistant. You can view the branding documentation here.